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SmartSite - The ‘Intelligent Village’ Solution

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About Loyalty

No need to carry cash on site with you, just present your SmartSite card at the card reader and the purchase price is deducted from the Purse balance. You can then use your pass to access other key areas of the site such as wet mess, dry mess, site buildings and accomodation.

No more multiple cards or paperwork to go from the airport, to the bus, onto site, into accommodation and to the mess hall or pay for goods / services at the tavern, vending machines or in private site accommodation… one card can do it all.

Quick. Convenient. Worry-free.

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Card Cost

If your registered SmartSite card is lost, stolen or damaged report it immediately so Loyalty Customer Service can block the card. The Purse balance at the time the card block is processed will be restored and transferred your new card.

If your card was provided by your employer or other organization and it is damaged or defective, please report it to whoever provided the card.

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