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Terms & Conditions

SmartSite is brought to you by the SmartSite Team.

Agreement between Vix Technology (Aust) Ltd (the operator of the Vix Smartsite Loyalty Program) and you (also referred to as "the Member") concerning the provision of smartcard account and services.

This agreement will commence from the date you accept and acknowledge the terms and conditions of this Agreement by checking the box on the online registration form stating "I acknowledge, understand and accept the above terms and conditions". Each card will expire at the end of the home and away season to which it relates. Account Credit will be allocated to the following season’s card which will be issued by Vix Smartsite, unless the account is closed and the agreement terminated (see below).

Account Balance
Account balances and transaction history can be reviewed by logging into the Loyalty website via

Lost Cards
Please register the loss of your card immediately by logging into your personal Loyalty account via The lost card will be deactivated. Please contact the SmartSite Support Team by email at for a replacement card. A replacement card will be issued and you will once again need to register your new card via The cash balance from the deactivated card will then be allocated to your replacement card. You will be responsible for the value of transactions made on your account up until the time you advise of the loss of your card. Replacement cards are charged at $25 per card.

Unauthorised Transactions and Errors
Please contact the SmartSite Support Team by email at within 90 days if you think unauthorised or erroneous transactions have been made on your account. Transactions queried after 90 days will not be reviewed.

Responsibilities Of The Parties
  Vix is responsible for:
  •   Administering a Vix Smartsite Loyalty Account on behalf of the Member.
Note: Under 18’s must be named on a parent/guardian’s account.
  •   Replacement SmartSite cards will be issued to the Member on payment of the Additional Card fee of $25.
  •   Promptly crediting the Member’s account with amounts paid in by the Member
  •   Using the funds credited to the Member’s account to settle transactions made using the Member’s SmartSite card(s).
  •   Enabling the Member to maintain a credit balance on their account via autotop-up (direct debit) or manual online top-up.
  •   Providing the Member with a secure members’ website, login and initial password to view transactions on their account.
  •   Refunding any credit balance remaining on the Member’s account within 15 working days of receipt of a notice to close the account from the Member. Refunds will be made by direct credit to the bank account detailed in the notice to close the account.
Note: Notice is to be given by logging into your personal Loyalty account via 15 days is required to ensure all transactions on the account have been settled and disputes resolved before the final balance is confirmed and refunded.

  The Member is responsible for:
  •   You must be over 18 to register a SmartSite Card.
  •   Keeping their SmartSite card(s) secure.
  •   Registering the loss of their card(s) immediately by logging into your personal Loyalty account via
  •   Ensuring their account is kept in credit by using the auto top-up or manual online top-up facilities. Should the Member elect auto top-up then the Member must ensure there are sufficient funds in their nominated bank account to process each top-up successfully. Auto top-up allows Vix to request the Member’s bank to transfer the amount selected by the Member from their nominated bank account to the Vix Trust Account with no further instruction or authorisation from the Member.
  •   Ensuring the credit balance on their SmartSite card does not exceed $1,000.
  •   Informing Vix Smartsite Membership or updating the details online immediately they change or close their nominated bank account.
  •   Settling transactions by cash or EFTPOS where the value of the transaction exceeds the credit balance on their account.
  •   Using their card(s) for legal purchases only.
  •   Keeping their secure members’ website login and password safe.

Changing the Agreement
Vix can change any of the terms of this agreement at any time by giving at least 30 days notice of the change. Changes to this agreement will be notified on the Vix Smartsite Loyalty website at You may also request a written copy of these terms and conditions by sending an email request to .

Ending this Agreement
Both parties can end this agreement by giving the other at least 30 days’ notice specifying the end date.

Vix can end this agreement immediately if:
  •   Vix has reason to suspect that the Member has fraudulently processed transactions or allowed fraudulent transactions to be processed on their account.
  •   The Member becomes bankrupt or insolvent, has a receiver appointed or enters into an arrangement with their creditors.

On termination of the agreement:
Vix will -
  a.   immediately place a stop on the Member’s Smartcard(s).
  b.   refund the remaining credit balance on the Member’s account within 15 working days of termination.
  c.   disable the Member’s access to the secure member’s website 90 days after termination.
On termination of the agreement or closing of your account, the cardholder may retain the card and continue to use it as their Vix Smartsite Membership card. It will not affect access to any Vix Smartsite Member benefits.